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Retro Music Studios, at John Chiappone Designs, is made mostly of analog synthesizers. These great synthesizers of the past have been converted into a powerful virtual music studio. They have the same flexibility, sound, and controls as the original synthesizers, but they have the advantage of being able to save patches, edit performances, and record directly to a computer.

The studio includes the Moog Modular - left (Listen: Travesia Sagrada), the Mini Moog - upper center (Listen: Mooglinger), Arp 2600 - bottom center (Listen: Sound Effects), a modified Prophet V - upper right (Listen: Stranger in a Strange Land), Yamaha CS-80 - bottom right (Listen: Medley)  Arturia Brass (Listen: da trump!). Brass was recorded using the Yamaha BC-3 Breath Controller.

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